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how it works


ship us your product

ship us the products you want captured.
shipping is free from anywhere in north america.

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tell us what you want

reveal your product’s vibe in our virtual studio. pick and click what you need for your vision to come alive.

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collaborate with photographers virtually

watch your photos roll in, give feedback, or direct us to execute your vision all in real-time, during your shoot.

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pick and purchase only the photos you like

we capture everything you'll ever need but you only pay for the ones you love.

everything you'll ever need for a groovy photoshoot

full-body model
click for more details

full-body model

starting at $249

we make booking a model as easy as pie! all you have to do is add this glow-up to your booking and tell us your wardrobe guidelines. we’ll send you a list of available models (with headshots, of course) and coordinate the rest!

pet model
click for more details

pet model

starting at $149

make your pics im-paws-ably adorable with a pet model! upon adding this glow-up to your booking, we’ll send you a list of some good boys and girls to choose from. tell us your fave and we’ll handle the rest!

body-part model
click for more details

body-part model

starting at $149

we have a few helping hands for you to choose from! just add this glow-up to your booking and we’ll send you a gallery of available hand models. our models arrive on set with fresh and clean nails.

prop shopping
click for more details

prop shopping

starting at $49 + the cost of props

send us a list (please include specifics!) of what you’re looking for and we’ll make a grocery run on your behalf. links are very helpful so that our team knows exactly what to purchase - so be sure to include as many as you can!

click for more details


starting at $249

step up your shoot with a stylist! whether you want to zhuzh up your set or make sure the aesthetics are all in line, you can count on these professionals to take your pics to the next level.

hair + makeup
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hair + makeup

starting at $299

in true glow-up fashion, your hair and makeup artist will arrive 30 minutes before your booking to make sure the look is flawless before stepping on set. they’ll stay for 30 minutes into your shoot just in case any tweaks or touch-ups are needed.

how does shipping work?

print your free shipping label


we’re certain you’ll love the photos from the shoot.
if you don’t, you don't have to pay for them.

we deliver pics that get the clicks

  • social

make your website shine with stunning photos that present your brand in the most professional and appealing ways.

  • amazon

with so many listings, you need Amazon A+ approved content to stand out from the crowd. time to boogie, baby.

  • etsy

handmade products deserve high quality photos. treat your product to the photoshoot of its dreams (and yours!).

  • website

your e-commerce website is amazing. shouldn't your product photo's also be amazing? the answer is yes.

the verdict is out

professional quality

You only pay for the images you actually want, and the ease of purchasing online makes it a breeze from start to finish! The entire team is professional and the all in one platform is exactly the innovation brand/product photography needs.
Bella Dini
Cove Combucha Product Photography
Cove Combucha Product PhotographyCove Combucha Product PhotographyCove Combucha Product PhotographyCove Combucha Product Photography

a great experience

The process makes it super simple to communicate and plan a vision for the shoot. I felt confident going into the shoot day with the shot list Pronto provided. I  collaborated during the shoot and my comments were taken into consideration during post-production without me needing to follow up. A great experience!
Christie Phelehos
Brightside Product Photography
Brightside Product PhotographyBrightside Product PhotographyBrightside Product PhotographyBrightside Product Photography

helpful, creative, knowledgeable team

The best decision I've made to move my business forward! I know that might sound over the top, but it's true. My products are very instagrammable and I didn't have the expertise, time or resources to capture photos to properly showcase products. The team is incredibly helpful, creative, knowledgeable and the pricing is transparent.
Lindsay Marshall
Fam Jam Jams Product Photography
Fam Jam Jams Product PhotographyFam Jam Jams Product PhotographyFam Jam Jams Product PhotographyFam Jam Jams Product Photography

frequently asked questions

how does pronto work?

step 1: send us your stuff

and by “stuff” we mean your product and any other small items you wish to include in your shoot. once we receive your product, you’ll be able to book your shoot.

step 2: tell us what you want

style your shoot in our styling module. Tell us what best describes what you’re lookin’ for and we’ll turn your vision into a reality.

step 3: attend the shoot in your dashboard 

log into your account on shoot day and collab in real-time or sit back, relax and let us do what we do best. 

step 4: pay-per-photo

when the shoot is done, choose your fave photos, check out, and instantly download them from our site. the best part: you only pay for the photos you want to buy / download. no more, no less.

how much does it cost?

unlike traditional photography methods, with pronto, you only pay for the content you want.

this means we capture 2-3x the content you’re looking for and then you get to decide which images you want to purchase, add them to your cart, and check out. totally risk-free

check our pricing calculator for a detailed outline of your project cost.

the menu:

photos: $36 per photo

videos: $108 per clip

gif: $108 per gif

stop animations range from $205 to $585 depending on complexity of product / animation

glow-ups: prices vary. click *here* for the juicy details.

additional services ($9 each):

- infographics

- product patterning

- remove background (pure white BG or transparent PNG)

- photoshop (remove imperfections, change a colour, combine 2 photos together)

is there a bulk discount?

you bet! bundling discounts automatically trigger as images are added to cart.

discounts vary for each bundle, ranging anywhere from 20% off to 50% off depending on the size of your gallery!

give our pricing calculator a whirl to see what it could cost you at the end of the day.

how does shipping work?

shipping to our studio is free from anywhere in North America. we'll store your product for up to 6 months and handle the entire shipping process. including Customs and commercial invoices.

log into your account, click on your shoot, and hit 'Generate Label'. your label will automatically generate after you submit your info.

we cover the cost of shipping your product. however, any extra items that don’t fit in a standard-sized box, as well as your product's return label, will be on your dime. 

if you prefer to use our prop-shopping glow-up, we’re happy to make a store run for you. just add this glow-up to your shoot!

oh! and just in case you need it, our address is: 1048 21 Ave. SE Calgary AB Canada T2G1N2.

can I talk to a human?

schedule a call by clicking here, email us at or send us a chat through your client dashboard.

who creates the concepts?

teamwork makes the dream work.

first, run through the styling module to tell us what you want. once your shoot is styled, our team will upload a shotlist to make sure we’re all on the same page.

let us know up to 24 hours before your shoot if you want to change your shotlist.

if you need an extra hand, add-on a stylist glow-up to bring your vision to life.

ready to
create magic?

  • only pay for the photos you love
  • free product shipping to our studio
  • collaborate with team live on shoot day