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product photo of peanut butter in a jar with peanuts falling all around the jarTwo golf caps, one stacked on top of another but stacked slightly tilted-back to show the front side of both hatsrecyclable can of lemonade with a color background split in half with two different colorssmall round plastic makeup containers spread out and seen from in fronta scented candle seen from the side with a matching background and leaves used as propsplain stick of deodorant on top of a small stand and all underneath an arch background

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model wearing an astronaut helmet, jacket, and yoga outfit underneathtwo lighters laying against a wall and standing vertically black gloves, black snow hat, black track pants, and black/white sunglasses laying in a neat, folded arrangementmodel wearing a track sweat suit and over-the-ear headphones while posing rhythmically standing uplong sleeve sweatshirt that reads HOPEDOPE on the chest with baggy hippy pants all outfit hanging from a coat hanger   Soap dispenser bottle positioned in the middle of a circle of small pebbles

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Tall skinny can of root beer around 355 milliliters shown in front of an abstract shaped background  plastic packaging of legal cannabis sealed. Seen from directly above while package lays flat. Props surrounding package are 2 limes and some leavesPack of 6 beer bottles all still in the package except for one that stands beside the package while all are positioned to show the logo of the companyTall skinny plastic bottle of kombucha with a twist off cap shown in front of a bright backgroundtwo short cylinder cans of ginger tea. One stacked on top of another but the can on top is balanced tipped to the side. Ginger and lemons are shown around the cans Single bottle of hand soap dispenser seen from the side standing on top of an arrangement of flat lily pads.
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logo for monki bistro. It is a monkey holding two chef knives in an X arrangement under the head of the monkey.fleur & co logo is their brand name spelt out in front of  various straight lines arranged in a circle to show a flowerCalgary Heritage Roasting Co. written out in front of a small grizzly bear icon

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Bottle of asian drink in ceramic bottle unopened seen in bright light that casts harsh shadows pointing to the right

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cute bottle of soju shown on a wooden tabletop
cute bottle of soju shown on a wooden tabletop
cute bottle of soju shown on a wooden tabletop
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Single running shoe seen floating above the ground with the toe pointing to the ground and seen from the inner-ankle side of the show

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