Product Explainer Videos

For eCommerce brands.

Product explainer videos
for Shopify and Amazon stores

Educate customers with 'how-to-videos' product explainers on how your product works best, it's benefits, or even how to use it. Add a hand model, face model, animated text to make it captivating and a call to action to spice it up and deliver the message home.

How-To & Product Explainer Videos

Use how-to-videos to build trust among your consumers, reduce return rates and increase customer satisfaction. Product explainers, or how to videos, allow the customer to get a thorough understanding of the use case. This builds trust with the customer as they become educated with best product practices. With the pronto platform, you can add models, choose real scenes and even add music, call to action, and your brand's logo and convert more viewers into buyers.
  • Professionally crafted videos to show how your product works
  • Two revisions per video for ultimate satisfaction
  • Add a model, real scene, styling and more
Use how-to videos to educate your customers on your product and give them the ammo required to make more informed decisions. Video content is also shown to increase social media engagement, and it's crucial your company leverages these tools to stay ahead of the competition. How to videos are a fantastic asset for all eCommerce businesses because they provide education, increase engagement and lead to increased sales.
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