create jaw-dropping content with glow-ups.

add spice to any shoot with these services.

full-body model

starting at $249 per model

need someone to show off your stellar product? your shots deserve to look extra delicious, so we make booking a model as easy as pie!

all you have to do is add this glow-up to your booking and tell us your wardrobe guidelines. we’ll send you a list of available models (with headshots, of course) and coordinate the rest!

no face needed? we offer a hand model glow-up for your convenience.

hand model

starting at $149 per hand model

when you’re looking for a helping hand, we have a few for you to choose from! just add this glow-up to your booking and we’ll send you a gallery of available hand models.

our models arrive on set with fresh and clean nails. if you prefer them polished, we’ll contact the model on your behalf and add the manicure cost to your bill 💅.

pet model

starting at $149 per pet model

make your pics im-paws-ably adorable with a pet model! upon adding this glow-up to your booking, we’ll send you a list of some good boys and girls to choose from. tell us your fave and we’ll handle the rest!


starting at $249 per shoot

step up your shoot with a stylist! whether you want to zhuzh up your set or make sure the aesthetics are all in line, you can count on these professionals to take your pics to the next level.

it is mandatory to a stylist to your booking if:

  • you’d like more than 5 items in a single shot.
  • your shoot requires food or ingredients to be prepped.
  • your product needs to be assembled upon arrival at pronto.
  • your product is apparel that needs to be steamed or ironed.
  • you have a shot style in mind that you want to recreate.

props shopping

starting at $49 + the cost of props

every shoot calls for some spice. if your secret ingredient is specific and can’t be found in our studio, add this glow-up to your booking!

send us a list (please include specifics!) of what you’re looking for and we’ll make a grocery run on your behalf. links are very helpful so that our team knows exactly what to purchase - so be sure to include as many as you can!

hair + makeup

starting at $299 per person

what better way to make your shoot shine than with hair and makeup services?

in true glow-up fashion, your hair and makeup artist will arrive 30 minutes before your booking to make sure the look is flawless before stepping on set. they’ll stay for 30 minutes into your shoot just in case any tweaks or touch-ups are needed.

VIP producer

$899 for the whole shebang.

want the entire studio experience?

add a VIP producer to your booking. this means having a right-hand (wo)man to answer questions, discuss concepts, write and review your shot lists, help style your set, shop for props, and attend your shoot.

these pros are like the cherry on top of every shoot - adding them to your booking only makes it sweeter!