frequently asked questions

how does pronto work?

we thought you’d never ask! it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. so give us a beat and watch us break it down.

step 1: send us your stuff.

and by “stuff” we mean your product and any other small items you wish to include in your shoot. once we receive your product, you’ll be able to book your shoot.

(sorry to spoil the fun, but due to legal reasons, we ask that you refrain from sending Tobacco and Vaping Products, Firearms – including imitation and replica firearms –,  Intoxicating beverages, Drugs and other controlled substances, Perishable items, Liquids and Animals, Plants)

step 2: tell us what you want.

style your shoot in our styling module. Tell us what best describes what you’re lookin’ for and we’ll turn your vision into a reality.

step 3: attend the shoot in your dashboard 

log into your account on shoot day and collab in real-time or sit back, relax and let us do what we do best. 

step 4: pay-per-photo

when the shoot is done, choose your fave photos, check out, and instantly download them from our site. go ahead and flash that new bling. the best part: you only pay for the photos you want to buy / download. no more, no less.

how can I contact a real human?

schedule a call by clicking here, email us at or send us a chat through your client dashboard.

how do I join my shoot?

hop in the director's chair by logging into your pronto account, open the chat box, and collab with us live. you’ll be chatting directly with your photographer & editor for the shoot.

when photos start rolling in, your pronto gallery will update in real-time. provide feedback, change colors, add or take away props, and make sure we get the right angles, all from your account. 

if you're having a busy day, check out how the shoot is coming along by popping in and out of the gallery as you please. our platform is mobile-friendly so you can check in on your shoot from anywhere. we send updates as we move through the shotlist, so you always have a chance to chime in.

as a customer, what's my role?

bottom line, you can be as involved in the shoot as you want to. direct the entire day live from your account’s dashboard or hang back and let us work our magic. it’s up to you whether you join live on shoot day. some clients choose not to, and some check in to see their gallery live and provide feedback.

who creates the ideas/concepts?

teamwork makes the dream work. in short, we’ll create the concepts together.

first, run through the styling module to tell us what you want. once your shoot is styled, our team will upload a shotlist to make sure we’re all on the same page.

let us know up to 24 hours before your shoot if you want to change your shotlist.

if you need an extra hand, add-on a stylist glow-up to bring your vision to life.

we encourage you to check out our *inspiration page* to see some work we’ve created with past clients!

when will my photos be ready?

as a rule of thumb photos are ready in less than 24 hours, and GIFs & video clips will be delivered within 48 hours.

photos are uploaded to your gallery as they're taken. they can be reviewed and purchased live, so technically they are available right away for those eager beavers!

your gallery with pronto never expires and is shoppable at any time, so pick the content you love and leave the stuff you don’t.

how long do we store your product?

we’ll store your products for 6 months following your shoot. if you choose to book another shoot within those 6 months (which we hope you will!), we’re happy to keep your products on hand so you won’t have to re-ship them.

if you choose to not book another shoot, no sweat. we’ll either donate your product or send it back to you - just be sure to send us a return label.

how do I cancel/reschedule?

we get it, life happens. that’s why you can cancel or reschedule your booking up to 24 hours before your shoot. just head to your *client dashboard* and send us a message.

if you can’t attend your shoot, there’s no need to cancel. we have a team of kickass creatives that are equipped and eager to bring your vision to life - whether you can make it or not.

can you shoot in a real-life setting?

we can whip up any of the following home-scenes:

- Living Room

- Kitchen

- Bedroom

- Bathroom

select the ‘real-life’ option while styling your shoot, and we'll reach out to get all the info for your scene.

this add-on starts at $349 per scene

what does the stylist glow-up get me?

adding on a Stylist glow-up to your shoot gets you a jam session with one of our creative unicorns before the shoot, as well as someone on site to be your eyes and ears on shoot day. chat everything about your product, collab on ideas and put together the final touches to the shoot.

we require adding a Stylist to a shoot if:

  • you're looking to have more than 5 products photographed at once
  • your product requires assembly upon arrival
  • your shoot requires food/ingredients to be prepped
  • you have a shot style in mind that you want to recreate
  • you are in the food & beverage industry
  • you are in the fashion industry

can you send us inspo photos?

of course! log into your account and drop them right in the chatbox any time you want. 

you can send links, photos, @accounts, videos, pretty much any type of visual format. we'll add the inspo to your shotlist the next time we hop online.

how soon can I schedule?

as soon as your product arrives, we give it a quick inspection and fire you a text to let you know you're ready to schedule your shoot. shoots are often booked within a week of receiving product.

how long is my shoot?

you've got places to go, and people to see. we understand.

the shoot with pronto is 3 hours long.

what kind of props do we have?

we keep it simple when it comes to props. along with the necessary items needed for staging your product, our inventory includes basic decor, plants, and other nifty nick nacks that can polish up your photos. check out the full prop list once you’re logged into your dashboard.

if there’s something specific you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll send a search party through the studio.

don’t forget about our props shopping service! it’s the easiest way to get the specific props you need and requires virtually no effort on your end. click *here* to learn more.

do you shoot A+ Amazon content?

you bet we do! our team has worked with various Amazon merchants to improve their listing content.

can you tell me more about pricing?

you bet. with pronto, you can get business-boosting content without breaking the bank!

unlike traditional photography methods that involve committing to purchasing a gallery no matter what the outcome is, with pronto, you only pay for the content you want.

what does that mean? it means we capture 2-3x the content you’re looking for. you then get to decide which images you want to purchase, add them to your cart, and check out. 

your shoot is risk-free. 

want a better idea of the cost? check our pricing calculator for a detailed outline of your project cost.

the menu:

photos: $36 per photo.

dynamic content: custom quoted

glow-ups: prices vary. click *here* for the juicy details.

additional services (starting at $9 each):

  • remove background (pure white BG or transparent PNG cutout)
  • product patterning
  • photoshop (remove imperfections, change a colour, combine 2 photos together)
  • create an infographic

creativity, shipping, studio time & equipment: on the house.

is there a bulk discount?

you bet! bundling discounts automatically trigger as images are added to cart.

discounts vary for each bundle, ranging anywhere from 20% off to 50% off depending on the size of your gallery!

give our pricing calculator a whirl to see what it could cost you at the end of the day.

what if I need a model?

we’ve got you covered! check out the model roster available in your dashboard. as you style the shoot, add a model glow-up to your shoot. tell us which of the models you’d like, and we’ll handle the rest.

our model roster ranges from females & males, to families, kids and even furry friends like cat and dogs.

btw, the deposit is prepaid and non-refundable. click here to learn more about these services.

check out the pricing calculator to see how a model fits into your shoot’s budget.

what are ‘glow-ups’?

*‘glow-ups’* will take your content to the next level. amplify your shoot with these simple but effective add-ons:

*full-body model*

starting at $359 per model

*hand model*

starting at $209 per hand model

*pet model*

starting at $259 per pet model


starting at $299 per shoot

*grocery shopping*

starting at $99 + cost of props

*hair + makeup*

starting at $299 per person

*VIP producer*

$899 for the whole shebang.

want more specifics? click here to visit our glow-ups page and learn more about each option or give our pricing calculator a whirl to see how adding these to your shoot impacts your budget.

what if my product is fragile?

to ensure your product arrives safely pack it up with all the padding you've got! we'll recycle/reuse everything here at the studio.

bubble wrap, packing peanuts, packing paper and most importantly a couple fragile stickers slapped on the outside of the package.

if you have a specific request or concern about your package, reach out to us via the website chat.

will I be able to get my products back?

you betcha pal! email us a return label, or ship it with your product and we'd be happy to send it back.

how does shipping work?

shipping to our studio in Canada is free from anywhere in North America. we'll store your product for up to 6 months and handle the entire shipping process. including Customs and commercial invoices.

log into your account, click on your shoot, and hit 'Generate Label'. your label will automatically generate after you submit your info.

as soon as we receive your product, we’ll text you to schedule your shoot!

we cover the cost of shipping your product. however, any extra items that don’t fit in a standard-sized box, as well as your product's return label, will be on your dime. 

if you prefer to use our prop-shopping glow-up, we’re happy to make a store run for you. just add this glow-up to your shoot!

oh! and just in case you need it, our address is: 1048 21 Ave. SE Calgary AB Canada T2G1N2.