What to avoid when prepping for a photoshoot

The planning and execution

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planning and executing a photoshoot has a lot of moving parts and could leave lots of room for errors and discrepancies. that’s why we’ve laid out fool-proof tips on what to avoid when shooting with us!

  • have realistic expectations. one of the biggest mistakes we see having unrealistic expectations for the product. know what is possible by understanding the limitations of the shape, material and texture.  if you’re unsure about how something in your product packaging will photograph, let us know. we’re happy to talk through it. 
  • know your objective. invest time to know your marketing needs. it is vital in having a successful shoot! we recommend sitting down and doing research on brands that inspire you and taking note of the kinds of photos they have on their landing page. our suggestion: start with the basics! first, determine what type of images you need. then decide if you want add on’s that capture and convert your customers – what colours, props and lighting would help you achieve this? feel free to check out our inspo page, thing testing, cpgd or pinterest for inspiration.
  • lighting- the quality of light is what makes or breaks a shoot. know what types of shadows and lighting you desire before. if you have any questions, we’re happy to help!
  • props- props add a bit of sparkle to your product photo. entice the audience by asking for us to add the colours that you know will make your product pop. we suggest also adding prop shopping to get ingredients for products with an ingredients list.
  • photoshop will fix it mindset- though photoshop is a great tool, it can be a costly add-on post photoshoot and cannot always end in the result you were ultimately hoping for. we always suggest nailing the image itself to minimize the amount of editing required after!
  • over-editing- though professional photographers can glamourize a normal product to look luxurious in post-production, it is not always the answer. you want your customers to see the real deal! over-editing could result in more unsatisfied customers and more returns, which is not something any online store owner wants. 

we hope this information is helpful in providing you with tips and tricks on how to prepare for your upcoming photoshoot with us. if you have any further questions, drop us a line on the chat and we help you with whatever we can!

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