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need some fun new content for your skincare brand? what about some trendy new ecom pics of serums, body butter or nail polish? we capture our fair share of this industry and feel that we could give some insightful tips and tricks to help you understand the value of professional photos of your product and what we look into prior to shooting brands like yours!

pre-shoot and during shoot knowledge:

knowledge is power– we research your brand, and really dig into understanding what the brand stands for before even creating a shotlist!

  • know the target audience- we want to make sure you show your customers what they want to see! we aren’t afraid to really hone in on the kinds of trends that fall within a specific demographic and suggest props, lighting and compositions that we feel would fit your brand’s story.  
  • show the details- while creating your shotlist, we account for leveraging all angles of your product. we include the angle at which we are planning on shooting your dazzling product and shoot more content than you will need so that there is plenty to choose from when shopping your gallery. 
  • props- planning the props that will be used during your shoot is a quintessential part of creating a shotlist. however, we do sometimes throw in some extra props here and there during your shoot to really enhance the final image. props can help to emphasize size, colour, shape, and material of your product. if you have something specific in mind, let us know and we will do our darndest to make sure your dreams become a reality. don’t forget you can always add a stylist, or prop shopping for that extra somethin’-somethin’
  • in action/ swatches showing consistency, texture, colour- showing product in movement allows for customers to better understand how the product works, how it looks on different textures, and how it looks against different colour! we recommend showing how the product looks against other skintones. 


why are all the above details important to plan and keep in mind during the process of booking and watching a shoot? it really comes down to the following:

  1. conversions- conversions increase when customers feel the brand knows and understands them and their needs
  2. value of the product- having rad product photos shows customers your brand is the real deal. there are no areas left for questioning and the quality of your product will shine through with pristine product photos. 
  3. building customer’s confidence and trust - it all comes down to customers’ trust. if there is a slight hesitation from your customers, it is likely your sales conversions will be affected. data shows online shoppers make their decisions based on trust.
  4. lower page bounce - captivate your customers with eye-catching photos, videos or gifs and keep them exploring your website and other product pages longer.

tips for prepping:

  • send extra product for photographers to do swatches and smears- this is one of the most common mistakes we see. only sending one product makes it more challenging to deliver a diverse gallery, as the following requests cannot be followed through with:
  • product patterning (we offer a photoshopped option for this, however, it will cost you extra!)
  • product smears, or swatches- typically, if this is requested we prefer at least 2 of the same product so that we are able to save one good product to shoot in conjunction with the swatch!
  • if one of the products arrives damaged, at least we will have one good choice to shoot without delaying your shoot!
  • we like to add texture to bottles for the perfect condensation/water droplets– if this is a valuable addition to your photoshoot, send us a message and we will be sure to capture that for you!

our experience with a wide range of products in the beauty industry means we’re confident in making your beauty product absolutely shine. do you already have a vision and need help bringing it to life? no sweat, our creative unicorns are armed and ready to tackle any feat, big or small! drop us a line and we would be more than happy to discuss your ideas further!

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