Boost your eCommerce sales with a splash of colour

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we cannot deny – white e-commerce photos are quintessential to any brand looking to sell its products online.

however, adding colour to a photoshoot is the piece de resistancethe main eventthe scroll-stopper, if you will. knowing what your brand’s colours are, and what colours look the best with your product will make or break the success of your shoot. here are some examples of colour play we love to use:

1. monochromatic sets

set the tone of your brand with monochromatic photos that really exude your brand’s personality. 

our suggestion: figure out what the most prominent colour on your product’s packaging is and choose a backdrop colour that most closely matches. 

2. colorful contrast 

add some striking personality to your shoot with contrasting colour! place your product on a colour or texture that has high contrast to really make your product distinguishable.

our suggestion: get creative! take a look at a handy-dandy colour wheel and find the hue that best matches your product’s packaging. observe the colour directly opposite to your product on the wheel. this combination will have the maximum amount of contrast, yielding a bold and vibrant photo!

3. neutral tones

don’t think a vibrant colour is your brand’s vibe? are you looking for more of a subtle softness instead? we totally get it. our most popular backdrop colour is beige– we think it can make just about any product look fabulous. but, if beige is still a no-go, we have many other neutral colours and shades to choose from.  

our suggestion: take a look at the colours of backdrops that we have available, and choose earth-tone colours that feel harmonious to your brand. there are tons of subtle colours to choose from :)

simply put - attention grabbing colours, tones, and in general dreamy looking photos makes everyone 'oooh' and 'ahhh.' we promise you, when you look at all of the successful brands out there they are alawys portrayed through beautiful imagery showing off the product and brand in the best possible way.

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