how to create consistent content for your brand

and keep your product looking mint.

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as a business owner and kickass entrepreneur, you’re probably well aware of the many factors that come into play when building your brand from the ground up.

is my logo unique enough to stand out amongst all the others?

how will my audience react to this colour combination?

to serif, or not to serif?

these are the questions we ask ourselves. and while each of these questions is equally important as the next, there’s still one that many of us tend to overlook: how to create consistent content.

not only is your logo, typeface, and colour palette steady as a rock, but is your content mix equally unwavering?

if your answer is no, or if you’re looking for a guide on creating consistency within your content, you’ve come to the right place.

so get comfy and take a scroll to explore your brand’s newest superpower.

before we discuss HOW to create consistent content…

let’s talk about WHAT consistent content is and WHY this is key when it comes to your brand.

consistent content meaning: when your brand’s content routinely delivers the same look and feel (rockstar design, solid tone of voice, etc.) every time that it’s seen by a customer.

in this digital age, our consumers are on a variety of different channels. this means that brands and businesses need to create content that fills every nook and cranny of those channels.

whether it’s a product review page, online store, or various social feeds, having a cohesive look and feel to your brand’s content helps your customer to develop awareness.

just like brands, consumers love awareness. the ability to easily identify your brand and products while scrolling through social or searching on Amazon gives them a sense of trust, familiarity, and the feeling of “oh, I know you!”

it’s no secret that people trust brands that they recognize. and when your customer can expect a positive and seamless experience across your brand’s channels, they can also trust that your product will provide them with that same experience.

why consistent content is key in your customer’s journey

as you know, there are many different touchpoints in your customer’s journey that impact their experience with your brand.

these touchpoints include things like:

  • social media
  • online ads
  • digital marketing content
  • emails
  • eCommerce
  • blog content
  • point of sale
  • subscription info
  • loyalty programs
  • product catalogs
  • product reviews
  • customer support channels

don’t worry, we’ll stop there.

the point is, your customer will be interacting with your brand on much more than just your site and social feeds.

this means that not only should those areas be buttoned-up, but the content for every other touchpoint should reflect the same crystal-clear consistency as the site and social feeds that originally drew your customer to your brand.

why? because the very moment that your brand comes through consistently at every touchpoint in your customer’s journey is the very moment that trust is built.

in pronto terms: brand consistency = customer loyalty.

no matter the medium, consistency is king (or queen).

it’s simple human psychology: the more they know you, the better they trust you. the better they trust you, the more they’ll purchase your product or use your service.

learning how to create consistent content will not only make your site and social pop but also make your brand undeniably detectable in a world of noise.

so how do I create consistent content?

for starters, creating a collection of studio-quality photography that features your product and boasts a recognizable aesthetic goes a (very, very) long way.

the more you use these photos across your content, the more your viewer will start to recognize them and relate them to your brand. but we would be doing you a disservice if we forgot to mention that the key to gaining this kind of traction is (yep, you guessed it) consistency in both the frequency of your posting and quality of what you post.

so plan ahead, use a content calendar, and try to look at your own content (as well as that of other brands) as if you’re seeing it for the very first time. if you recognize the brand even when the logo is covered, then they know how to create consistent content. and they know how to do it well.

some of our favourite examples include Target, Nike, and Coca-Cola.

lucky for you, crafting consistent content on behalf of your brand is what pronto does best. 

with a little collaboration and a touch of virtual studio magic, we’ll build a stockpile of epic content for you to use on your site and social feeds. this way, you’ll be able to build brand awareness and deliver the consistency that your consumer has been searching for.