expectations of a professional photoshoot with pronto

you've booked a shoot-- what's next?

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you’ve found the right photo service *cough* pronto *cough* and you booked a shoot! now you’re wondering what’s next?

here are some things for you to mull around and sort out prior to your shoot with us:

  • the amount of time, effort, and money put into preparing for the shoot will ultimately affect the outcome. having a clear and concise vision will ensure you and our creative team are on the same page. this could be in the form of sending us your brand book, inspiration images and knowing the types of props and details desired for your shoot. 
  • nobody knows your product better than you. you also likely know what looks best with your product. we encourage you to communicate it with our team. having both parties on the same page = a successful photoshoot. you are the expert on your product, our photographers are the experts in making your product shine.
  • take time to communicate the goals of your shoot. when styling the shoot, ensure to fill out all of the appropriate information including your brand website, social media pages, and other brand inspiration! 

what we do when for prepping your product to shoot

it’s all about primping and prepping when it comes to successful finishes. think about it; you would never run a marathon without training extensively beforehand, so why would we rush through prepping for a photoshoot? if you’ve decided to use a professional photographer like pronto, we will iron out the little things prior to your shoot– literally:

  • ironing/steaming- if you are planning on having clothing, or linen photographed do not assume it is going to look pristine coming out of the box. we always are sure to pay attention to the little details that will take your shoot to the next level! need your product ironed or steamed prior to your shoot? don't forget to add the glow-up when you style your shoot with us!
  • dust and fingerprints- if your product has a shiny surface, you best believe that there will be some sort of fingerprint or dust that shows up in photos if you’re not properly prepared. we keep microfibre cloths handy, as well as gloves and dusters to blast away the imperfections while shooting. 
  • scheduling models and hair and makeup- when other people are involved in a shoot, it takes a lot of back and forth. if you book with us, we make sure not to get wires crossed when scheduling talent. we minimize the amount of time required from you to sort out scheduling kinks before the shoot! we always send out reminders and confirmations to ensure everyone is totally on the same page prior to the shoot day. 

ultimately, ensuring we are all on the same page about the needs and wants of the photoshoot is the only way to nail the job. if you are unsure what is doable, there is no harm in clarifying with your pronto team! hit us up via email or chat and we would be more than happy to talk through your thoughts. 

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