get the most bang for your buck

4 tricks to maximize content creation

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here’s what we think the key to getting the most bang for your buck in product photography are!

multiple angles of your products:

gives customers a good sense of what to expect-- it shows total transparency

  • great for e-commerce stores
  • shows the details of all the sides of your product

different orientations:

need photos for social media, e-commerce stores and ads? depending on where you want to post your photos, different orientations work better for the intended audience

  • social media= portrait orientation
  • ecommerce= landscape

aspect ratios:

we’ve all tried to post a rad photo on instagram and been halted because we are forced to crop our masterpieces. certain aspect ratios are best for certain platforms

  • best for insta= 1:1 or 4:5
  • best for amazon= 1:1
negative space:

save some room in your photos for copy by including negative space! these photos are handy for the use of:

  • promos
  • social ads 
  • banners
  • hero images

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