gifs to elevate your content

ramp up your social media with gifs

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in an age where the majority of us cling to our phones as an extension of our own hands, social media runs rampant and takes over a huge part of our lives. with that being said, fun and new ways to show products are so vital in capturing viewers’ attention. why not ramp up your social media with gifs! 

what are gifs, you ask? in simple terms, it is a file format, just as jpeg, png, or tiff are. however, a gif file format is magical– it allows for simple animations. sometimes people get confused and think of gifs as short little clips; however, it is more correct to think of them as digital flipbooks! like flipbooks, gifs are composed of multiple images played after one another. 

how can this help your brand? we thought you’d never ask! gifs can be used as part of your content strategy. because gifs can hold multiple photos, you can utilize them to tell your brand story, or do short ‘how to’ segments that help customers better understand your brand’s sparkle. level up your email campaigns by including eye-catching gifs and capture the attention of many! 

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