Glow-up your insta feed with models

Add a model to your shoot increase your conversions

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glow-up your insta feed with models

take your pics to the next level by spicing them up with a little bit of human touch. don't need a human? we have a roster packed full of furry friends, as well! If you're wondering why you should spend a little extra cash on adding a model?

well here's why:

  1. customers like relatability. 

as humans, we like things that we can relate to. flatlays and mannequins may have a time and a place, but adding a model to your shoot brings life and context to your product! models allow for customers to be able to envision themselves using or wearing your product. this in turn will result in happier customers, higher sales conversions and fewer product returns!

  1. highlight functionality and usage.

seeing people interacting with and enjoying a product is naturally compelling to consumers. photos that feature models help depict how to use the product, it's features and benefits and why this product will improve your consumers' life. need we say more?

  1. tell a story.

utilize your models to tell a story. help your customers understand what your brand is known for and what makes you different. models can show important brand core values such as inclusiveness and diversity. this is a great opportunity to empower your customers to make their decisions based on your brand’s ideals throguh simple storytelling. 

adding a model to your shoot can ultimately drive sales conversions up and aid in your customer’s satisfaction. we source your perfect model that suits your brand’s identity, your intended audience and your product, with just a few clicks.

style your shoot, ship us product and get product photos that sell, in a snap.

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