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All about creating context and narratives

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let us set the scene: you’re perusing on instagram and the newest craze of skincare catches your eye.

a *click* here and a *click* there, and bam– you’re brought to the landing page of a skincare brand. you’re struck by a gorgeous photo with said brand; it’s at about this time that you’re really becoming interested in purchasing the product. 

hero images are product photos supplemented with colour, props and brand-appropriate lighting that provides context and a narrative to the brand. think of it as a demo of the brand, where the product is the main event– centered and in the limelight. 

the key to a successful hero image is all about aesthetics! 

  • know your inspiration- knowing the goal of your hero image will not only create cohesiveness to your brand but will also ensure that you know what you want! sometimes, it could be that you are looking for a specific season-themed photo. in the end, it should exude the spirit of your product. 
  • props and colours- these should accompany your product– make ‘em pop! 
  • composition- leave it up to your photographer, but having an arsenal of inspo shots would help to define your final desire. 

Hero images are a great addition to photoshoots, as they tell the story of your product and often are what captures the attention of potential customers. Blow away your customers with exceptional imagery that will be the hero of your website’s aesthetics. 

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