How much should product photoshoots cost?

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the true cost of product photoshoots- what is involved and why it is important to know who you are hiring…

when you break down what is involved in a successful product photoshoot, people often wonder what it will cost them. as discussed previously in ‘the cost of product photos’ blog, it is first important to understand that it is essential to reflect on how your product photos could be impacting your sales conversions. the investment of getting high-quality images produced for your brand could be worth a bit of a splurge in the long run.

so what's the deal with the cost of product photoshoots?  typically, when planning a product photoshoot, the main consideration is who will be contracted to capture your product in all its glory. some things to keep in mind when trying to decide between a freelancer, or a commercial photo studio are:

is this person/studio experienced in shooting product photography?

it is incredibly important to understand that just because you may know a photographer, they may be more well-versed in a different niche of photography entirely. for example, your cousin, jason may know his way around a camera and may take really epic portraits in natural light, but ask if he is knowledgeable on the subject of product photography– more specifically in a studio, without natural light. commercial product photographers offer a ton of knowledge on how to create dynamic images while utilizing strobe lights and conveying a brand’s identity with the use of props and composition. not only are commercial photographers more knowledgeable on the techniques of product photography, but they typically have a unique knack for styling your inanimate object! your product really deserves to be captured in the best possible light, after all. 

what resources are available to this person/studio?

freelancers may have certain resources available to them, but typically these can be associated with additional fees and may not easily accessible. for example, if you are hoping for a studio shoot, with professional lighting equipment,  multiple backdrop colours, different props and sets, the individual will likely charge for the extra effort and time needed to source the requests. or you have to source it all yourself. commercial studios on the other hand have readily available lighting, props, sets, and backdrops to use at their disposal. these resources may be beneficial to convey the function of a particular product, or even enhance the outcome of the photoshoot. in commercial studios, there are typically more hands to assist the photographer as well, so turn-around times are quicker, and there are more people around to help with little things such as prepping for the photoshoot, brainstorming more ideas and assisting in post-production needs. 

what knowledge does this photographer/studio have on product photography?

it really boils down to the amount of experience the photographer you choose has in the photography industry and how it relates to businesses such as yours. something as simple as knowing and understanding popular sizing requirements of images for external retail sites such as amazon or shopify can limit the amount of re-shooting or post-production work required after the first photoshoot. commercial photography studios take the time to know and understand your brand and your needs prior to your product photoshoot. commercial studios also understand the sales platforms and marketing tactics like optimizing for conversions. studios like pronto dedicate time and resources to the photoshoot ensuring you are getting the attention you deserve. 

ultimately, reflecting on the ‘cost’ of the photoshoot is dependent on your perspective. take into account the time, effort, and issues that may arise when you are vetting freelance photographers compared to the long term cost-savings, and time investment, in relation to how well your photos convert.  still not convinced that shooting with a commercial studio is going to be the most cost-effective option?  drop us a line or book a shoot with pronto to see for yourself :)

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