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gone are the days when customers need to step foot in a real store. realistically, in the last few years, we have streamlined all shopping experiences and made it all virtual – clothing, healthcare, team meetings, and even groceries are now available online. so how do we as eComm warriors help eliminate the gap between the real-life feeling and the endless scrolling?

simple. focus on the senses!


the most obvious and alluring sense that e-commerce has done so successfully. without a visual representation of a product (*cough cough* nothing gets sold without a photo), people would have little desire to buy items online not knowing what they look like. however, we can help translate the visual to ensure customers better understand what they are buying.


if you're wondering how on earth you can demonstrate the feeling of an object through imagery... well, this is likely one of the most underrated senses touched upon in e-commerce photography. say for example, you want to sell a sweater and you aren’t sure that the softness of the product is accurately conveyed through the basic e-commerce photos you have. here are some examples of what you can do to achieve a ‘feeling’:

  • highlight texture - whether it is a close-up of the knit fabric of a sweater,or the texture of the embroidery, focusing on the details will visually translate the feeling of a product.
  • props - if there is cotton in your fabric, why not add that as a prop to replicate a 'soft-as-cloud' scenario?
  • movement - is still imagery not enough to nail the feel of your product? use video to bridget the visual gap if you wanted to highlight stretchy fabric or activewear.

taste & smell

as straightforward as this is, it's equally underutilized! let's assume your product is a bottle of perfume. the normal course of action is to write out a description of the smell, but you end up stumped when trying to explain the smell. considering most people are familiar with basic smells, enhance a photo by including ingredients in the scene to create a connection in the audiences mind about the smell or taste of this product. ingredients break down your product to the basic scent or tasting notes. people see a lemon or lime and are automatically overcome with the sense that the product has a citrus scent or taste.

so whether your online store is startin out or is being revamped – showcase your products in the best light utilizing the senses to entice your online shoppers.

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