How to get out-of-this-world content

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ever wonder how brands get out-of-this-world content on their socials?

we broke it down to 4 simple rules you can follow.

rule number one: colour

use your trusty brand colour as a backdrop colour, or try something bold– we suggest trying out a contrasting colour.

rule number two: product patterning

repetition, repetition, repetition! keep the focus on the product while still creating dimension.

rule number three: hand model

add a human touch! what better way to add diversity and relatability than to have a human in a shot.

rule number four: movement

whether it's a gif/stop animation or a product vid, people are drawn to movement so introducing dynamic content can skyrocket your engagement and boost online sales

we hope these four simple rules can help you create scroll-stopping studio-quality content in a snap! if not, don't sweat it. hit us up and we'll be more than happy to create magic with you!

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