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a photo requirements guide for online marketplaces

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e-commerce businesses have boomed and have expanded the possibilities for how entrepreneurs sell goods in online marketplaces. when using platforms like shopify/woocommerce and amazon, it is extremely valuable to know how the channel you are intending to use leverages visuals and product images. we focused on the trendiest marketplaces and what to keep in mind when creating content for them:

two of the most popular ways people sell their goods online is amazon or shopify. woocommerce is also a great alternative, but it seems that shopify is the preferred platform for most startups. if you are a vendor looking to grab some new photos for your online store, here are some quick amazon a+ photography and shopify product photography specs to keep in mind. not adhering to the image guidelines will result in your images being rejected or not optimized for conversions by the platform. it is best to check their websites (amazon&shopify) for the most up-to-date info on their suggestions.

amazon requirements
shopify requirements

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