Product images you need for your online store

The key to high sales conversions

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the importance of great product images for your online store is the key to high sales.

here are the 3 fundamental types of product photos you need and how they can help your online store:

  1. white background- a great starting point! these are going to allow your customer to see the product in neutral territory– no ecommerce store can do without white background images. if you are in the fashion industry, consider a mannequin or better yet, a real model to allow your customers to envision how your items will look on their bodies. 
  1. stylized photos- these are the photos that help draw in the customer to your product by using colour and props to add context to an otherwise isolated item. these images could additionally be used for hero images, social media posts, or ads. 

  1. lifestyle photos- adding a model into the mix can be used in commercials, ads, and be utilized to elicit emotional bonds and brand storytelling. 

don't get caught scrambling looking for more content on launch day! with these three kinds of photos, you will have more than enough images to have a stellar launch. need help? style your shoot with us and tell us what you need-- we will handle the rest.

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