product videos vs. product photos

benefits of product vids

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need help deciding whether or not to include a product video shoot? let’s break down the pros and cons of videos vs. photos. 



  • highlights products- video makes your product the star of the show. you can also highlight multiple variations without the hassle of clicking through a long list of photos.
  • increased transparency- videos are a great way to educate customers about your product while increasing transparency of the product (what the details look like, etc)
  • trust- build trust between your brand and your customers by adding a model and contextualizing your product by showing it in use. videos can help customers envision what their lives will be like with your product! 
  • movement is more eye-catching which ultimately results in higher engagement (imagine showing off a new flowy summer dress)
  • if a photo is worth a thousand words, and a video has 24fps (frames-per-second) and each frame is a picture, the math is clear how powerful video can be 


  • more expensive- because video is more time-consuming to edit and film, there are higher costs associated. 
  • potentially less accessible than other forms of content- video could have more limited distribution and may need closed captions depending on where it’s viewed and where the audience is located (they may watch with the sound off if in public)
  • video isn’t always the answer - depending on your audience, intent and objective, it may be better to invest in photos instead.



  • more variety for less money- get a gallery of photos to choose from with multiple layouts and angles
  • easier to distribute across all platforms- photos are shareable and digestible in less time. 
  • detailed shots- let your audience know the highlights of the product 
  • photos are transformable- create more content with photos by creating gifs, ads and much more from your gallery! 


  • no movement= easier to scroll past
  • higher quantity required- if your goal from your photoshoot was to educate your customer, there is a potential that you will need more photos to get your point across

ultimately the choice is yours– why not try both and wow your audience with dazzling videos and groovy images!

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