Shotlists 101

How we use shotlists

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as a creative service, we understand the importance communication and collaboration has on the output of a shoot. this is why we base our shoots off of shotlists.

what is a shotlist?

a shotlist is– in short– a list of the predetermined images that we’ll be capturing. this ensures all parties involved in a shoot are on the same page prior to, and during the big day. in other words, it’s a game plan! there are many ways that these can be organized and laid out; it really comes down to the preference of the individual who creates it. 

what is included?

typically a shotlist will list specific details for the photoshoot. below are the details we include in our shotlists:

  • style: this could be anything from e-commerce, real-scene, or lifestyle. we include the styles specified by our clients when they complete their styling module.
  • subject: this is what is being photographed. 
  • environment: whether the product is photographed in the studio, or in a real-scene environment
  • colour: refers to the background selected for the specific shot. this may include multiple, or just one. 
  • lighting: soft or harsh lighting - if you’re not sure what this means, refer to our blog soft shadows vs. harsh shadows
  • angle: want a specific angle such as top-down, or 45 degrees or something else? it is important to differentiate where the camera should be angled. 

in combination with the written details of a shot, the creative team will have some sort of inspiration to aid the client in visualizing their ideas with the photo they intend on capturing. 

shotlists are a fantastic addition to the shooting process to ensure there are clear and concise ideas about the final outcome of the photoshoot. this tool typically prompts questions or ideas for both parties involved.

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