Soft shadows vs. harsh shadows

What kind of shadows do you want for your shoot?

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without light, photography would cease to exist… what a bore! that’s why when we talk about light in relation to your product photos, it is important to be mindful of the kind of shadows you want for your shoot.

let us break down the details of the kind of shadows we offer!

  1. soft shadows= minimal shadow. bright and airy.

we love soft shadows. do you need e-comm shots on white? no worries, soft shadows are key to having clean photos with no distractions from your product. 

  1. harsh shadows= crispy dark shadows. funky and punchy.

harsh shadows are a sure-fire way to funkify your product. we love using harsh shadows for bright and vibrant shoots! this option helps to add a bit more dimension and flair to your photos. 

  1. no shadows= all about the post-production, baby.

we offer this dazzling option as an add-on after your shoot. need a transparent background? no sweat, just say the word!

no matter your preference, we can help to make your ecom dreams become a reality. have reference photos? send ‘em over via our chat function and we will do our best to capture the exact vibe you’re envisioning for your brand.

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