Lifestyle photography in an online store

Customer trust is the most valuable asset

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if you're an ecommerce store owner, you know that customer trust is the most valuable asset to growing a successful brand. if words can build trust, and attractive images can help create an emotional connection with customers, then perhaps it's time your website was filled with more lifestyle imagery.

lifestyle photography is a type of content that aims to provide authentic insight into the lives of real people. they are often portrayed in realistic, casual and relatable settings.

the purpose of lifestyle content is to show customers how your products can be incorporated into their daily lives. this provides them with a more personalized experience compared to standard product photos, which are often staged in a studio environment.

many consumers respond more favorably to products promoted in lifestyle images because they appear more authentic and trustworthy as opposed to products in a commercial setting. adding lifestyle context to your item also helps your customer better visualize the size, use and placement of their next purchase and reduces the risk of returns.

not sure where exactly to use lifestyle photos? here are a few examples of where you can appropriately use the images:

  • as hero images- adds important context and draws the customer in 
  • landing page- why not include lifestyle images as the first thing your customer sees when visiting your website
  • in a gallery- show off key components of the products
  • content on social media
  • ads on online marketplaces 

in simple terms, lifestyle photography is about integrating your product into a story and creating an emotional connection with your audience. instead of selling a product, you are creating a compelling story that resonates with your customer's lifestyle and in turn converting more sales.

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