the link between great photos and conversion rates

shop and take inspo from big brands

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does the quality of your product photos have any impact on your conversion rates? the short answer is yes!

as a small business owner, you shop and take inspiration from big name-brand stores like zappos and nike due to the quality of their photos, marketing material and general pizzaz in their campaigns. 

you see beautiful products and think "wow, i must buy it”. when potential customers visit your online store, product photos become critical to their decision to purchase or not. if your images are out-of-focus, blurry, or simply don’t instill trust – it makes a poor impression of your business and can likely lead them to bouncing from your page. visitors typically spend a few seconds deciding whether to stay on the website, so make sure you use this time wisely.

so how do product photos and conversions rates influence one another? conversion rates have become a complex mix of strategies and tactics, including copywriting, on-page button optimization, link building and more. however, one of the most critical components of cro success is often overlooked: product photography. it's a mistake to overlook product images as mere "accessories" to your website's copy and layout. in fact, they're a vital component of conversion optimization and an effective sales machine. here's why: images provide context!

a picture is worth a thousand words. visual search and ai are changing how we find things online, and it's changing how consumers shop. according to hubspot, people are now 1.8 times more likely to make a purchase based on a visual search than they are a text-based one.

whether it's via google lens or pinterest lens, people want the chance to show an engine their perfect product instead of telling it with words. and they're getting their wish - in fact, visual search is expected to become bigger than text-based search within the next couple of years.

what does this mean for your business? it means you're going to want to be prepared with high-quality images that speak directly to your customers in order to be visible in image searches.

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