the tale of a viral image

more eyes on your content ultimately means a higher chance of converting

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we can bet that at least one time in your social media presence, you have shared a cool, funny, or otherwise interesting image to your friends. brands like native, blume, and dollar shave club know this and they leverage this tactic in order to get shares. more eyes on their content ultimately means a higher chance of converting, or bringing in new customers. of course, not everything you post will resonate with everyone; which is why it’s super important to continue testing and optimizing your strategy. some people will like one thing versus another. still, by trying different formats like gifs, videos or different approaches to photography, you’ll have a higher chance of eventually creating a piece of content that will resonate with your audience. here are a few key things to remember when creating content that has the potential to go viral:

  • understand your audience- catering to the needs and desires of your audience is quintessential in creating posts and content that your followers 
  • know your brand and what sets you apart from a sea of others 
  • eye-catching visuals (pronto can help with this ;) )
  • provide value wherever you can– this can be accomplished through the use of captions. whether that be through inspiring or educating your followers, sharing tips and tricks for the industry you are predominantly present in, or simply using your flare to be entertaining in a way not many others can be!
  • engage with your followers and other creators to build a community– do this through direct messages, likes, comments and proposing questions or polls on your stories!
  • be consistent! one thing that is always challenging is maintaining consistency. from the quality of content and the amount you post.

the ultimate goal in creating a viral post is to gain more visibility for your brand, and in turn, convert more sales for your online business. if you need assistance in creating content for your social platform– whether it be a new trendy gif, a cool video or some stellar photographs, pronto is here to help! 

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