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you may sit and think to yourself, “i don’t need to post seasonal content, my brand is too niche and seasonal content does not suit my brand”. in reality, there are tons of opportunities for business owners to create fabulous content for special events and around the holidays in order to stand out. seasonal content is simply content that you or someone else creates that is catered to a particular event or season. not only will this provide your audience and/or customers with interesting visual goodies, but it will help you to create new content to strengthen your brand’s identity, credibility and more importantly relatability (say goodbye to googling random happy halloween images to share on your feed).

seasonal items

seasonal content is a fantastic time to really dive into marketing any seasonal items. having these items as a limited edition encourages buyers to jump to purchase the item. this is a psychological approach to having customers yearn to own something that is only available for a limited time. seasonal items with holiday-specific themed designs or packaging queues nostalgia and emotional connections to the item, therefore often is an easier sell than normal items. having seasonal content is an excellent way to capitalize on seasonal sales. for example, creating seasonal content for special days such as mother’s day or father’s day could be a terrific way to promote new products and have a weekend sale for the special people in your customers’ lives. additionally, seasonal content also allows businesses to plan for upcoming marketing campaigns or test strategies that will amplify business potential. because seasonal content is so common (christmas being the most obvious holiday that businesses capitalize on), why not take a non-traditional approach and utilize the lesser-known holidays like national donut day, pi day, world health day, etc. implementing these dates into your content strategy will help to set you apart from all the other businesses that are not using seasonal content to their advantage!

summer seasonal
4th of july

tips for creating brand-appropriate seasonal content:

  • keep content more broad- maximize the amount of content you are able to use by keeping the props and styling more suited to general holidays, rather than specific, mainstream holidays. for example, asking your photographer to shoot ‘winter-themed’ product shots will allow you to use the content for holidays such as:
  • black friday
  • christmas
  • boxing day
  • new years 
  • winter solstice
  • autumn
new years
winter seasonal

this is not to say utilizing more holiday-specific themes and props is not important– having more general images may be easier to utilize for marketing campaign purposes. it all comes down to setting your intentions before your shoot and understanding what you plan on using the images for! 

so when is an appropriate time to schedule a content shoot? we always say the sooner the better! generally, a good rule of thumb is to think two months ahead. this means if you plan on integrating seasonal content into your social media feeds, booking a shoot for christmas in october is preferable. looking for halloween or fall content? think about scheduling a shoot in august! thinking ahead to prepare appropriate content will equip you with enough content to last through the holiday seasons so you don’t lose stride. this will also allow you to be able to post the content well in advance so that by the time the season or holiday arrives, the content will not be an afterthought! 

whether you are in the market to revamp your ecom business or you want new content for social media, make sure to stash away some pics for future use! with pronto, your gallery is shoppable forever– meaning you can purchase and sneak back later when you need some fresh digs.

maybe you didn’t know when you scheduled your shoot, but adding movement to freshen up your feed can also entice new customers. holla at us and we can create a cheeky how-to gif out of photos from your gallery. so why not create eye-catching content to promote sales and gain more website traffic and sales? pronto is your ultimate one-stop-shop for creating funk seasonal content for whatever the occasion is!

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