You’ll love this photoshoot we recently did for moultera

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we have to take a minute to gush a little over one of our most recent clients, moultera! the skincare brand came to us in hopes that we could help capture photos for their launch. as a company that is focused on raising the bar on self-care for all, they not only have gorgeous and amazing products, they have created an initiative where they have partnered with empowered to give back to disadvantaged communities and remove plastic from polluted rivers and shorelines in southeast asia and africa. who doesn’t love a company focused on sustainability and revitalization?  

when we heard about the opportunity to work with a down-to-earth company like moultera, we were thrilled! some key elements that we wanted to focus on when we styled this shoot were:

  • including natural elements
  • having diverse models 
  • colours that truly represented the brand
  • understanding the difference between the 2 products, the benefits, and their uses
  • having a clear understanding of the intention of the brand, and its identity

with the awareness that the brand was launching, we wanted to be able to provide them with a few additional content pieces to amplify their website and socials. in doing so, we were able to deliver these amazing gifs in addition to a stellar gallery!

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